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Quotes My name is Emma and I am currently a student studying with Grace Studios and have been for a number of enjoyable and memorable years. Grace Studios is without a doubt a positive and creative learning environment. The Studio has the most supportive and professional staff. The expertise and energy that my teacher has is infectious and has drawn me out of my comfort zone to try new things. Whilst attending this Studio I have learnt a number of invaluable skills including building my self-confidence. The Studio provides the opportunity to perform before an audience and increases self confidence through live performance and improvisation. The confidence I have gained through studying drama has also positively influenced my studies, employment skills and my day to day activities. In addition to having an amazing time and learning new skills, I have gained an opportunity to indulge my passion for drama with like-minded individuals. I highly recommend Grace Studios to any student! Quotes

Quotes My name is Michelle and I am a parent involved with Grace Studios. My daughter has only been attending the school for a short period but I must say that I am "already" very impressed by the professional standard that is displayed by staff, week after week. After a couple of bad experiences over the years with other drama schools, I am thrilled to find a drama school that is a great place for our child to be! I feel confident that these girls will be a wonderful influence on our daughter. I would Highly recommend Grace Studios to any parent ! Quotes
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